Book Reviews

Roundtable: Consuming Religion by Kathryn Lofton, Symposium, [forthcoming]

Fundamentalist U, Church History, [forthcoming]

The Social Gospel in American Religion, Journal of American Studies (Great Britain) [forthcoming]

Corporate Spirit: Religion and the Rise of the Modern CorporationReading Religion, (Aug 16, 2018)

Anti-Fundamentalism in Modern America, Church History

The Bible CauseJournal of Presbyterian History

The Making of Working Class Religion, Journal of American Studies (Great Britain)

Religion and the Marketplace in the United States, Enterprise and Society (June 2017)

Dispensational Modernism, Fides et Historia (Winter 2017)

Fighting Fundamentalist: Carl McIntire and the Politicization of American Fundamentalism, in Journal of Church and State (Sept. 2016)

An Actor’s Union or Acting Profession? H-New Reviews (March 2016).

Apostles of Reason Fides et Historia, 46:2 (Summer/Fall 2014).

Gospel According to the Klan, American Studies, 52:2 (March 2013).

Capitalism and Christianity, American Style, Reviews in Religion and Theology, 17:4 (Sept 2010).

Sin in the City: Chicago and Revivalism, 1880-1920, The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society 106:1 (Winter 2008).