Tgloege_AuthorPhotoI’m an author and independent scholar based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I hold a Ph.D. in United States History from the University of Notre Dame and have authored a book and several essays. (View my full C.V. for details.)

My historical research focuses broadly on the ways that religion interacts with other areas of human experience typically considered secular. My first book, Guaranteed Pure: The Moody Bible Institute, Business, and the Making of Modern Evangelicalism, tells the story of a coterie of corporate-oriented evangelicals who created a modern form of “old-time religion” rooted in the ideas and practices of consumer capitalism. You can read more about the project here. I am currently researching a second project on Progressive-Era Protestant Liberals, thanks to a generous grant from the Louisville Institute.

I have blogged on the history of evangelicalism and written pieces for popular audiences.

A second set of interests falls under the broad category of digital history. This includes developing techniques and tools for teaching historical thinking in an online environment. I’m also working on several online projects focused on streamlining designed to the mundane tasks of historical scholarship and increase accessibility.  This includes a tool for historians to collect and organize historical data.

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